ЭМИИА ИИ — машинное радиозрение (радиовидение)
EMIIA AI — Machine Radio vision

Машинное радиовидение ЭМИИА

AI Navigation AI Mapping AI Sensor


first AI software for
pattern recognition
through radio waves

ЭМИИА ИИ — машинное радио зрение

Pattern recognition, detection, calculation of speed, coordinates and direction of movement of objects by means of radio waves, including behind radio-transparent obstacles.

Range of action: through radio-transparent barriers up to 9 meters, in open space up to 300 meters.

ЭМИИА ИИ — машинное радиозрение

ЭМИИА ИИ — машинное радиозрение

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By 2025, more than fifteen billion devices will be connected to Wi-Fi networks. Each Wi-Fi device is potentially the hardware base for the EMIIA.AI software sensor.

The global market for hardware sensors, including smart sensors, will be $35 billion by 2025. Researchers at the Consulting Group have found that sensors, cameras, sensors, parking systems and "silicone brains" will add up to $15,000 to the cost of a modern conventional car.

EMIIA.AI smart sensors replace more than 30% of sensors, AI navigation, ADAS, automation and security in software.

Basic technology

Машинное радиовидение ЭМИИА

Machine Radio vision — neural network library for signal processing and data visualization (SDK & Embed, API).

AI Sensor-SLAM/RTLS (Simultaneous localization and mapping, Real-time Locating Systems):

  • AI Navigation
  • AI Mapping
  • AI Sensor

Scopes of application:

  • IoT/IIoT: robotic cars, drones,
    Smart Home, Industry 4.0...


  • EMIIA Software (EMIIA.AI)
  • Windows, Linux or Android OS
  • Wi-Fi 2.4/5 GHz module


  • Intelligent software sensor (End-to-end digital technology)

About technology 

EMIIA neural network solutions, enable millions of devices, unmanned and robotic systems around the world, to become safer for humans, faster, more functional and more affordable.




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Service partners


A team of experts in machine learning, in the field of signal processing and data visualization, for Machine Radio vision tasks, ten years of experience in IT development.

AI algorithms, neural network models (datasets) developed exclusively by EMIIA. About 

Project support


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